What is a WALLET ?

A digital wallet  is a safe, virtual container of cash in multiple currencies, reciepts, different loyalty - and membership cards with which you may pay items and transfer money.

A digital wallet is normally working in an application and handled in the cloud.

This structure keeps it safe in the cloud and accessable via any smartphone.

A digital wallet has a fiscal flow that normally can be described in either of two ways:

  1. Normal flow. These wallet systems uses the existing card schemes such as Visa Card and Master Card and existing contact points between banks.  These systems is influenced by the existing fee structures on cards and bank transfers and have difficulties in datatracking transactions.
  2. Closed loop. These wallet systems are making transactions internal on it’s own platform.  These systems are not influenced by external fee structures and usually has a better possibility of datatracking transactions.

A wallet is compliant to international fiscal legislations and must  comply to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

A wallet must follow international monetary license structures. 

What is our WALLET solution? 

Our WALLET solution is focused on being in the world elite of being cost efficient and agile; managing both multiple currencies and big data. 

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What can our WALLET do for your business ?

With our wallet you can

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Improve cashflow
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Create own loyalty programs
  • Create Big Customer Data
  • Provide  online customer care products
  • Make 1-2-1 customer communication 

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What can our WALLET do for your customers ?

With our wallet you can improve the convenience of shopping for your customers. When they shop online and/or in your shop, they

  • no longer need cash
  • no longer need credit cards
  • get instant reciepts
  • get instant warrants
  • can split bills and transfer money between wallet users

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Multiple Currencies

With our WALLET solution our end-users may operate in multiple currencies and repatriate money at lowest possible cost with highest possible convenience. 

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Multiple cards

Any of our WALLET users may use multiple cards and banks connected to the WALLET simultaneously



What can our WALLET do for your business ? 

Once you have signed your business up for a profile for free , you will have access to our portfolio of services and products.You will gain acces to  our free online selfservice products as well as be able to purchase advanced data intelligence about your customers and how to improve your business.

With a business wallet account you can make your business more efficient and at the same time divercify it.

You can use our wallet as a payment method in both your shop or online webshop.

We are integratable to ERP - , wepshop and CRM-systems.

We are able to create reskinned wallets for your own business. 


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What can our WALLET do for our private users ? 

Our wallet will provide our private users with convenience and easy access to cash. With this wallet friends can split bills on an instant on their mobile phone, transfer money to far away relatives, achieve loyalty points when using the wallet as payment in shops and online, recieve and safe keep receipts and warranties.

Our wallet is safe guarded in the cloud – so if you loose your phone with the wallet app on, your money is still safe. You just go online or download a new app to access your private wallet.

On top of offering a wallet we also offer one of the world cheapest Mastercard Debit card programs. With this in your hand you can attach your wallet with your own private debit card to use all over the world.


Security is key: 

Handling private and sensitive data as well as money streams is one of the most regulated and monitored areas in the world to work in.
Wallet Solutions A/S follows the highest security standards in the world to protect our business and your information.
Wallet Solutions A/S’ products are being monitored 24/7 by ourselves, our security platforms and by the international fiscal authorities, in order to meet the very strict requirements. 


Our wallet functions enables you to

  • Create Wallet account
  • Attach credit card to top up
  • Attach debit card to top up
  • Top up money from credit and debit cards in multiple currencies
  • Transfer money to other wallet
  • Transfer money to bank account
  • Receive money on wallet account from other wallets or bank accounts
  • Recieve reciepts and warrants
  • Send messages to other wallet account holders
  • Store loyalty points from loyalty schemes
  • Shop with wallet online and offline

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